Country Restaurants

Discover new flavors and textures with our excellent quality gastronomy. Enjoy.

Olive Oil Tasting

Learn how to enjoy the best olive oils, with tastings during the month of August.

Boutiques Wineries

Establishments located in privilege places, which favor the production of award-winning wines worldwide. Know them.



In ASTA (San Juan Active Tourism Association) we want you to live the best experience in San Juan.

We make sure to ensure that companies belonging to the association, both Rural Tourism and Adventure Tourism, have a standard of excellence in professionalism, quality and safety for all visitors.

Rural Experience San Juan

Rural Experience San Juan

In this group of companies find boutique wineries, oil olivícolas, Field Restaurants and Accommodation, where you can find high quality products that will provide a new way to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures San Juan offers.

Adventure Experience San Juan

Adventure Experience San Juan

San Juan offers unique and incredible places where your adrenaline will peak. Here you will find adventure, professionalism, experience and quality, always respecting the environment where we develop our activities.