About Us


San Juan Active Tourism Association

About Us

We are an Association that aims to promote tourism in the province of San Juan, promoting those companies that stand to align with our values of QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM.

These companies bear the Quality Seal of ASTA, to ensure that you will live the best EXPERIENCE in San Juan, designed for you to create unforgettable memories that will not only want you to return, but wanting to stay.


Our mission is to promote active tourism prioritizing quality, safety, professionalism and sustainable development in regions that operate each of our partners, work jointly with various governmental and non-governmental institutions.


We are characterized for being attentive to detail, in order to achieve products and services that are not just a “good product” but a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

From Boutique Wineries caring every step of the development of their wine to expert guides and sommeliers who will fascinate you with their explanations; without forgetting the countryside inns and all possibilities for adventure and active tourism.

It’s not only a value, Quality is our commitment.


BIG small companies are part of the Association, and they all have something in common EXPERIENCE.

Each specialist in its field, in its visitors, in its products and services.

This experience allows us to give you the opportunity to share experiences, secrets and adventures during your visit.


All our activities are framed in the highest PROFESSIONALISM.

We believe that to have a great life experience in San Juan, we have to be the first to make demands and improve every day from each of our functions.


Rural Experience San Juan

Rural Experience San Juan

In this group of companies find boutique wineries, oil olivícolas, Field Restaurants and Accommodation, where you can find high quality products that will provide a new way to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures San Juan offers.

Adventure Experience San Juan

Adventure Experience San Juan

San Juan offers unique and incredible places where your adrenaline will peak. Here you will find adventure, professionalism, experience and quality, always respecting the environment where we develop our activities.

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